Button Bouquets by MMM Designs, LLC.

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A Bit of History to Start...

It all started in 1995 with a jar of fun buttons and an idea.  I wanted a whimsical centerpiece that would go with any season and decor.  The buttons instantly came to mind.  After some design and tweaking, the Button Bouquet was created.  Guests were intrigued by it and began to place orders.  Before I knew it, I was getting calls from all over the country requesting Button Bouquets!  There was no turning back--the business quickly blossomed from a small venture to a large wholesale endevour.  Now Button Bouquets can be found in retail stores, galleries and museum shops throughout the country.  The buttons used in each bouquet have a history too.  Many are from an Eastcoast factory that closed in 1940.  The buttons were stored in crates, unused--leaving them in pristine condition. 


BBXL Button Bouquet

Michelle Meyer, Designer